“My twelve-year old son has been seeing Sue at FamilyWorks Counseling for many months. Life for a twelve-year old these days is tough under normal circumstances, but when you throw an acute anxiety disorder and a new divorce in the mix, life becomes even tougher. Sue has been absolutely amazing. I love her approach, she’s warm, non- judgmental, patient, and realistic. She has improved my relationship with my son immeasurably. I am so grateful!”

“Our family began working with FamilyWorks Counseling to help better manage our son’s impulse control and frustration tolerances. Following our initial parent consultation, a FamilyWorks Counselor began meeting with our son and we quickly noticed a difference in his behavior. Their knowledge, patience, and calm demeanor immediately put us all at ease and they quickly built an important environment of trust and comfort for our son. FamilyWorks Counseling employs has a wide range of techniques and variety of suggestions that make it easier to find the perfect complement for “at home” therapy also. Their dedication and caring nature are so appreciated, and are evident in the incredibly quick turnaround with our son.”

"There is an undeniable force that is Sue Sirlin. Throughout our years together, she has been able to both ground me during times of flux and personal chaos, and lift me to reach my highest potential in my education, career, relationships, and overall well-being. There aren't enough words to eloquently describe how much her presence in my life has empowered and changed me for the better. Sue is more than a therapist; she is a role-model and a friend and I am indebted to her for the space and time she has offered--and continues to share with me."

“Sue is very warm and connected with my child immediately. She takes a loving approach and is genuinely interested in each member of our family. After meeting with my child for the first time, Sue implemented a clear plan and provided me with resources to implement the plan at home, which she continues to do. Since my child has begun seeing her, my daughter has become happier and more confident. We look forward to continuing our work with her.”

“Sue’s approach to co-parenting is remarkable. Her methodology is founded on the understanding that communication and cooperation between divorced co-parents is vital. Sue establishes and maintains a dynamic centered on what is best for the children. Sessions are task-driven, which really helps everyone stay on-track. She cares tremendously about her patients. Over the past 21/2 years working with Sue, she has helped shift the dynamic between my ex-husband and I to be able to put the children first, and let go of past pains from one another, yet our sessions have not once felt like couples therapy. I can not recommend her highly enough. She really is an incredible therapist, counselor, and in general a guiding light.”

“Sue has a special ability to connect with children. She was able to quickly understand my nine-year old son’s needs and help him become more cognizant of his behavior. My son respects Sue's opinions and looks forward to working with her weekly.”

"Finding the right therapist for your child is no easy task. I went online, researched, and called many in the area. Sue was not only the only one that answered my call, but she spent a long time on the phone with me understanding my son's needs. Our first meeting put me to ease, but the deciding factor was how my son felt. My son went into his first session with Sue feeling nervous and defeated. When he walked out his head was high and he felt at ease. I asked him what he though of his first session and her told me "I really like Sue, and I like talking to her." This is when I knew Sue was the perfect fit! My son has made so much progress since starting sessions with her. She is super professional, able to work around our schedules, and always there to help if you have a question.”