FamilyWorks Policies

Covid-19 Safety Protocol

In order to minimize the risk / spread of Covid-19, many clients are electing to do tele-sessions as needed. This is always an option. Feel free to inquire with your therapist. FWC has some new protocol for your safety— and that of your child.

FWC families will now be required to:

  • Wear a mask once inside the medical building at 488 Main Avenue.
  • Wash hands priorate entry of the counseling room at the sink outside the room.
  • Maintain 6’ of distance from the therapist at all times.
  • Avoid bringing food or drinks into the office. Feed children snacks prior please.
  • Avoid hugging, touching, etc.
  • Call your therapist to re-schedule as soon as you are aware of you (or your child’s) illness with malaise, sore throat, runny nose, cough, fever, gastro issues, loss of taste or smell, etc.

Much thanks for your cooperation to keep us all safe!


Payment is due at time of service. Acceptable forms of payment include: cash, check, or credit cards. Unfortunately, we do not accept insurance--FamilyWorks is an "Out of Network Provider." Please check with your insurance company prior to your initial intake session to better understand your coverage and what percentage of your fee may be reimbursable. All clients receive an invoice the night prior to their session, attached to a "Session Reminder” email which can be submitted to your insurance company. A sliding fee scale is available for those who require assistance. Please inquire about this option during your initial intake with your therapist.


Complete confidentiality of all information shared between client and therapist will be maintained at all times in order to foster a trusting, positive rapport. According to Connecticut state law, the only exceptions to confidentiality are cases involving a client’s potential desire to harm oneself, to harm another person, or regarding cases involving disclosure about abuse and/or neglect. In these cases, parents, social service or local police authorities may be notified to ensure safety.


At FamilyWorks, we require 24-hours notice for cancellation— with exception to illness, inclement weather, and family emergencies. If you are unable to keep our appointment, please email, call or text the office to let us know in advance. If you do not give 24-hour notice (with exception to illness, inclement weather, or family emergencies), you will be charged in full for the appointment. This policy is in place because the therapist’s time is valuable, and another client could have been scheduled for that particular day and time. Thank you for your consideration.