Top 10 Tips for Helping Kids Adjust Back to School

Hey Parents! We know intimately how challenging transitions can be for our children, especially when they return from the freedom / relaxation of summer to the highly-structured, fast-paced school year. However, what we often forget is how instrumental we can be in helping to ease this angst. Take a peek at FWC’s “Top Ten Tips” for helping kids re-adjust to a new school year:


  • Setting Bedtime Schedule: Move your child’s schedule back to an earlier bedtime to ease fatigue, improve mood, and increase resilience during the school day. A warm bath, fun book, and chamomile tea with honey can all serve to relax your child and help them to wind down prior to bedtime.


  • Establishing Morning Routines: Create a calm morning schedule that allows for enough time for your child to get ready for school and eat a healthy breakfast without rushing. Start the day with a smile and a few encouraging words to help set a positive tone for your child.


  • Expressing Emotion: All kids have fears and worries. Allow him or her to vent feelings keeps the communication lines open with you. Tell a story about how you felt similarly when you were the same age and how it ended up being resolved favorably to help build confidence.


  • Establishing Homework Routines: Set an expectation that upon your child’s return from school – after a pit stop and a snack/drink- that they should begin homework in the afternoon so they can have some down-time before bedtime. Timeliness and work ethics are developed early in life!


  • Calming Fears: Check in regularly about what is going on at school as things arise. Ask your child his/her thoughts on how small issues can be solved or managed during the day? For greater, more concerning issues, be in touch via email or telephone with your child’s teacher to alert him/her about your child’s disposition, concerns, and needs.


  • Getting Organized: Help your kids by preparing lunch for the next day, having them lay out clothes ahead of time, and having them set a gentle alarm for a wake-up call that is reasonable given the morning departure time.


  • Promoting Independence: Encourage your child to take on some daily responsibilities by writing and posting a list of things he/she can and should do daily for themselves, such as: selecting clothes for the day, foods for lunch, and managing their own morning hygiene.


  • Communicating Faith: Let your child know you have faith that he/she can handle school-related issues that crop up in an appropriate manner. Let him or her know you are always there should there be a difficulty that feels insurmountable.


  • Locating a Professional: Seek out a therapist if he/she seems stuck in their own anxiety/depression or if you feel ill-equipped to assist. FamilyWorks is here to help at any time.


  • Setting Your Own Schedule: Now that some time is available, set up your schedule to do what you want and need– fitting in essential time for self care! If you feel comfortable, your child shall as well.